Largo da República, 3720-241 Oliveira de Azeméis
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Water Mills Park

The water mills park in Oliveira de Azeméis intends to be a “live museum” of the structures in the baking of bread and in the cereals grinding, a more than 200 years old tradition.

A pleasant and touristic place, the park is also an educational place for children at school.

There are 11 water mills, most of which rebuilt by the City Hall with the III Quadro Comunitário de Apoio and some by private initiative. One of the main nucleuses tries to recreate all the course associated to the activities of drying and grinding of cereals and the baking of bread. The visitors can watch, live, the cereals grinding and the bakers baking the traditional Pão de Ul.

In the museum it is possible to see the machines used in this activity and there is a multimedia area.

Another nucleus is directed to the peeling of rice, which was evolution of the fall of the grinding of cereals.

A third nucleus, in Travanca, takes advantage of the river side for the development of environmental educational actions and of leisure activities.

The goal of this park is to enter in the touristic offer of the region in order to promote Oliveira de Azeméis as a touristic destiny in patrimonial, historical and landscape resources.